Who is the owner of Bar Mitzvah Bouncer, Inc.?

Evan Wofsy is the owner of Bar Mitzvah Bouncer, Inc. Evan started the company in 1998. He also is a math teacher and the owner of Camp W.

What type of “security” do you provide at an event?

This is the question most often asked and the one that needs the most explaining. We prefer to use the word “chaperone” in place of “security”. The word “security” can sound harsh, especially to the children. We do not want the kids to see us as a threat, but more as chaperones looking out for them. We only employ certified school teachers as our chaperones because they have the skills necessary to engage and interact with middle school children. Our clients hire us to chaperone their events to ensure that the party runs smoothly, the kids are enjoying themselves to the fullest extent yet staying within the boundaries of appropriate.

How many chaperones will I need to supervise my event?

The amount of chaperones you need will depend upon the number of children at the party. We are fully insured and our insurance strictly mandates the ratio of chaperones to children. Please call us to discuss the specifics of your event.

If I have a bus to transport the kids to the event, how does Bar Mitzvah Bouncer, Inc. handle that?

We are more than happy and equipped to handle chaperoning a bus trip if needed. Our experience chaperones arrive at the departure location early, check each child onto the bus and position themselves appropriately during the bus ride to ensure that everyone is behaving in a respectable manner for the duration of the ride.

How far in advance do I need to book my event?

We strongly recommend that you contact us at your earliest convenience to ensure that your event is secured in our schedule. We will however try to accommodate each and every request we receive.

Why Choose Us?

  • The Bar Mitzvah Bouncer will supervise the kids throughout the event so you can enjoy your special day.
  • Our staff consists of teachers who have the knowledge to deal with your young guests properly and effectively
  • We check the bathrooms consistently throughout the party
  • We can even chaperone the bus ride if necessary

Why hire the Bar Mitzvah Bouncer company?

  • Peace of Mind – Bar Mitzvah Bouncer allows you to relax and enjoy your party with the knowledge that all of the children in attendance are safe and organized.
  • Certified Professionals – All of our chaperones are certified teachers with experience dealing with children and teens.
  • Experienced – We stop problems before they occur to ensure that your guests have a wonderful time without any distractions. We account for all kids, regularly check bathrooms, and make certain that quiet is maintained during speeches and candle-lighting ceremonies.
  • Friendly and Energetic – Kids like us because our chaperones are polite, personable, and funny.
  • Proven Effectiveness – Since 1998, Bar Mitzvah Bouncer has been helping parents, party planners, and caterers by providing courteous, high-quality service.
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